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In 1979, Antonio Climent Benaiges – a pioneer in the importation of antiques – and Juan Baldrich decided to found an auction room that would become a reference for the sector. Bal-cli-s comes, therefore, from the neologism that emerged from the merger of these two surnames.

Both are attracted to this new and attractive business model that has taken root in England. Its incipient room contributes to the spread of interest in art and the popularization of auctions. Balclis begins to fulfill an important didactic task and lays the foundations of a greater transparency in the art market.

Tachu Climent, 2nd generation

In 1995, Tachu Climent takes the reins with a new vision and very clear goals: international expansion, strengthening of institutional relations and the best advice to collectors with the creation of a highly experienced team. Since then, Balclis has auctioned thousands of works of art, antiques and jewelry.

Our auctions are a national reference point and are at the center of attention of the international market.

Reference room

The main objective of Balclis is to facilitate access to the fascinating world of art and collecting to any interested person. The passion and experience of its experts have made Balclis the reference room of the main national museums and art collectors. Spanish throughout the world.

The Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía National Museum of Contemporary Art, the MNAC and the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, among others, have made some of their most important purchases in Balclis in recent years. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of his team, more than two hundred works studied, cataloged and brought to light by Balclis are already part of his collections.


Tachu Climent

The man behind Balclis

He has worked in the art world all his life, it is his great passion. Since 1995, he runs Balclis, the oldest auction house in Barcelona. Since then, thousands of works of art, antiques and jewelry have been auctioned.

Jordi Carreras

Antiques expert

Bachelor of Art History, with extensive experience and collaboration with museums of Arts of the Object and University teaching, is responsible for the Department of Antiquities of Balclis since 2005.

Enric Carranco

Painting and Sculpture expert

He has worked as a professor of Art History at the School of Antiquities in Barcelona and is a co-author of publications on the history of antiquities. In 2009 he published one of the only monographs on the history of watercolor in Spain.

Diana Nougués

Antiques expert

Graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Art, with several years of experience in Balclis, she has specialized in the valuation, cataloging, and study of objects of the Department of Antiquities.

Xavier Andrés

Watches expert

With eight years of experience in the buying and selling market and in the watch industry, the results of a long generation of watchmakers with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. Since 2018 he has supervised the surveillance department of Balclis.

Marta Camps

Jewelry expert

Gemologist and diamond specialist, with several years of experience in the jewelry sector and the international market, she has specialized in the study and valuation of jewels, precious stones, and valuables.

Marketing Team

From the Marketing department, we take care that you can discover the object of your life and that it does not escape you. Priscilla Ralston is responsible for the tasks of digital and offline marketing and Alejandro Pons is our photographer. We also work with external agencies specialized in design and advertising.

Logistics team

Logistics are the gears of all processes. They deal with the reception of pieces, the organization of the transport of collection and the return of lots, as well as the assembly in the exhibitions. This department is key for everything to work.


  • Greater number of pieces sold to national museums of a national auction room: more than 200 from 2015-2017.
  • World record of sale price (Ramón Casas box).
  • Greater quantitative and qualitative coverage in the press: more than 1 million euros per year in advertising value.
  • Greater number of bibliographical references in their catalogs.
  • Largest number of clients currently active: more than 14,000
  • International clients: 51%
  • Close collaboration with teams of international experts.
  • The only national room with a department specializing in Asian art.
  • Only national room with presence in international forums: Invaluable Summit 2017, in Boston.

Looking to the future

We begin a new stage, one more step in our determined evolution governed by the desire for constant improvement and innovation:

We join the largest online auction portal in Europe, Auctionet.

Register in Auctionet and start bidding on your favorite Balclis lots