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How to sell

Hoe to sell art and antiques

Free Estimate

We appraise any object, piece, or item that you believe might have potential auction worth for others. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the domestic and international markets. They are fully aware of pricing trends and will be pleased to offer you authoritative, personal, and non-binding advice at no charge.

The Seller’s Agreement sets forth the conditions, terms, reserve price, commission, taxes and any other additional fees.

After the Sale

As soon as the auction is over, we send you a Sale Statement by email detailing the results.

Payment will be the hammer price minus our commission and any other fee or payment for services rendered. We can execute a wire to your bank account or pay you in cash at our central location if the amount does not exceed EUR 2,500.

Collection and Estate Sales

Our specialists will gladly assist you in appraising collections, estates or inheritance lots, areas in which we have considerable and proven expertise.

LOur client service philosophy, bespoke sales process, and marketing strategy have consistently achieved the highest benchmarks of client satisfaction and successful sales.

Our specialists organise on-site appraisals or by appointment at the client’s home or other desired locations.

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The lots are posted on, one of the leading platforms for selling quality lots. It has more than 260,000 registered members looking for lots, bidding and buying. Most customers visit the web regularly and many of them receive e-mails every time a lot that they find interesting comes up for auction. This way, the risk of a customer losing the opportunity to bid for a lot decreases drastically.

Since all lots are published with fixed shipping prices, customers know, before they bid, how much the transport will be, and this reduces one of the main obstacles to start bidding.

The Auctionet App allows potential buyers to track the status of bids and to bid from anywhere they are. In addition, it uses maximum security standards in everything related to password processing, payment methods, protection of personal data, etc.

What is going to change?

As a Balclis seller, you are not going to notice much difference in the usual selling process. You will still have the same services and benefits as always, and you will enjoy the high visibility offered by the Auctionet platform.


  • Significant technological improvements for sellers, seeking to increase the sales possibilities of their products: mobile application, search tracking, warnings, etc.
  • Global network with more than 260,000 registered users from all over the world.
  • To be part of the leading online auctions, including your products in a cutting-edge platform.

How to sell in Balclis?

The process of selling your products will continue being managed by Balclis. As always, all our experts will be at your disposal:

  • Free appraisal. You can come to visit us or send us images by e-mail. We also offer free appraisals at your facilities.
  • Agreement. Our experts will suggest you an estimated price and together you will agree on the reserve price.
  • Cataloguing. Our specialists will check your lot and they will offer you a detailed description.
  • Photograph. Our photographers will take numerous photos of the lot from different angles.
  • Auction. Your lot will be posted for online auction. When the auction ends, you will receive a report with all the details of the sale.
  • Payment. You will receive your money 25 days after the item has been sold.

Please contact us for more information.