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The department of antiquities of Balclis is responsible for assessing, studying and cataloging all kinds of objects encompassed in the criterion of “decorative arts”, which includes pieces of ceramics and porcelain, glass and crystal, silver, evoraria, weapons, works in iron and bronze, ornamental sculpture, fans, textiles and furniture of all kinds, among others. The multiplicity of materials, styles and times implies a diversified specialization that allows each work to be valued. The old Spanish ceramics, the Sèvres or Meissen porcelain and the furniture of the French Luises style, are counted among some of the sectors that are usually offered with great acceptance.

The objects that artists and craftsmen have made over the centuries, constitute a rich material heritage that has been preserved and has reached us. The historical, artistic, emotional, decorative or collecting values are undeniable and give us the possibility of sharing that cultural and aesthetic heritage. To buy at auction ceramic objects, porcelain, silver, glass or glass, or manufactured pieces of various materials such as furniture, toys, lamps, watches, weapons, carpets, tapestries or miniatures … can be a great incentive for a demanding and well-versed public. The Balclis antique auction house constantly strives to choose its lots so that the offer is diversified and specialized at the same time.


Jordi Carreras

Antiques expert

Bachelor of Art History, with extensive experience and collaboration with museums of Arts of the Object and University teaching, is responsible for the Department of Antiquities of Balclis since 2005.

Diana Nougués

Antiques expert

Graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Art, with several years of experience in Balclis, she has specialized in the valuation, cataloging, and study of objects of the Department of Antiquities.

Elena García

Painting and antiques expert

Graduated in History of Art from the University of Barcelona, Elena is in charge of cataloging and appraising paintings and antiques.

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