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An internationally rising value is design, and Balclis has an exclusive department dedicated to it, where quality editions of acclaimed 20th-century architects and designers (particularly French, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish) are offered, especially in the field of furniture, but also in glass and “author” ceramics.

Design can be considered one of the most creative facets of twentieth-century art, culture, and industry. In the auctions of design objects in Balclis, pieces of great aesthetic value can be found.
Balclis we are also pioneers in the revaluation of Spanish design from the initiators of the GATCPAC era to the advanced designers of the 60s and 70s, in a wide variety of lamps and furniture that have aroused the interest of individuals, decorators, collectors and even of specialized museums.

Furniture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, lamps, carpets and even tapestries are materials or objects produced by human creativity that throughout history have left us extraordinary representative samples of each geography and each moment. The twentieth century has continued working on those typologies and subjects but giving back to the previous precepts, looking for the balance between beauty and function, without losing the creative intentionality. In Balclis online auction room we want to keep in line with the growing market demand, so we strive to offer an updated catalog to sell classic and current design objects at competitive prices.


Jordi Carreras

Antiques expert

Bachelor of Art History, with extensive experience and collaboration with museums of Arts of the Object and University teaching, is responsible for the Department of Antiquities of Balclis since 2005.

Diana Nougués

Antiques expert

Graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Art, with several years of experience in Balclis, she has specialized in the valuation, cataloging, and study of objects of the Department of Antiquities.

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