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The origin of the word jewel comes from the old French Joie which means joy, joy and that in turn comes from the Latin root iocus. In Balclis you can find authentic works of art in jewelry auctions, pieces with a lot of history and high artistic value.

With more than 60,000 pieces cataloged since 1979, the jewelry department of Balclis is one of the references in Spain in antique jewelry auctions.

Currently, there is an upward trend in the purchase of high-quality diamonds. At Balclis, we carry out diamond auctions of great quantity and purity, reaching competitive prices internationally.
More information on modern art and modernism, along with Masriera, as a featured protagonist and its delicate enamels, on gold. In addition, in our jewelry auctions, we have historic pieces of great importance among the copies of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Among the offer of jewelry from the first stores of the 20th century, we highlight our selection of Belle Époque and Art Déco pieces, highly valued among collectors, and among which are the most important pieces such as Jensen, Boucheron or Fuset and Grau.


Marta Camps

Jewelry expert

Gemologist and diamond specialist, with several years of experience in the jewelry sector and the international market, she has specialized in the study and valuation of jewels, precious stones, and valuables.

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