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The lover of numismatics will find in Balclis the opportunity to buy coins and gold medals online from all origins and times, from the Roman Empire, through the Middle and Modern Ages to the present.
Likewise, Balclis is an exceptional showcase for Russian specimens or interesting pieces as investment value. Highlights, among other auctions, a commemorative gold medal of Emperor Paul I of Russia or a lot of twenty-five Krugerrand coins, also in gold.

Numismatics is the science that studies coins, bills or medals. Considered until recently the auxiliary science of history, nowadays its fundamental role is recognized in other fields such as archeology, paleology, iconology or the history of art. Through it we can see the political, economic, social and religious evolution of the different territories, as well as the different exchanges that took place between them.

Balclis numismatics auctions include coins and medals of all kinds of materials, including gold, silver or bronze, from all countries, although highlighting the Spanish currency. The types are very varied: from golden or Roman solids, drachmas of ancient Greece, to maravedies, doubloons, ounces or exceptional coins such as silver cincuentin.


Marta Camps

Jewelry expert

Gemologist and diamond specialist, with several years of experience in the jewelry sector and the international market, she has specialized in the study and valuation of jewels, precious stones, and valuables.

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