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Oriental Art has been reaffirmed as a rising value in recent years. To be able to accurately adjust valuations and catalogs, Balclis is the first room in Spain that has counted on the advice of the most renowned French expert cabinet in the East. Particularly Chinese pieces, but also Japanese and other cultures of the Far East are studied and offered in a high percentage in each auction.

One of the outstanding groups of artistic pieces offered in our auctions is oriental art, mainly from China and Japan, although pieces from India and occasionally Tibetan, from Burma or from Korea are also frequent. At the end of the corresponding oriental sections of each catalog, carpets from the Middle East are usually offered for sale, but other pieces from that source, basically Arabic, are usually incorporated into the antique section.

The millenarian Chinese culture has been one of the main world foci of the creation of artistic and commercial objects. Both for their own consumption and for export to other countries, quality, and styles with an autochthonous character have always been very popular. From the trips of Marco Polo, the proximity with Asian culture and art was growing exponentially, but the art of those countries already had thousands of years of the previous tradition.


Diana Nougués

Antiques expert

Graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Art, with several years of experience in Balclis, she has specialized in the valuation, cataloging, and study of objects of the Department of Antiquities.

Jordi Carreras

Antiques expert

Bachelor of Art History, with extensive experience and collaboration with museums of Arts of the Object and University teaching, is responsible for the Department of Antiquities of Balclis since 2005.

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