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The sculpture is considered all that activity by which different artistic pieces are shaped in three dimensions. Closely linked from the moment of its creation to other arts such as architecture or painting, in recent centuries, the sculpture has gained a leading role. In Balclis, specialized in auctions of sculptures, it is given a prominent role. As much for its typology, its materials, as for its function, there is a wide range of sculptural modalities.

The Department of Sculpture of Balclis is composed of various specialists who, in collaboration with experts and academics from around the world, offer a wide variety of works of art from Romanesque to Contemporary Art.


Mónica Barbas

Painting and Sculpture expert

Bachelor in History of Art and Masters in Analysis and Management of Artistic Heritage, her area of ​​research has revolved around the anthropomorphic reliquaries. Is considered in this field one of the largest specialists in Spain.

Enric Carranco

Painting and Sculpture expert

He has worked as a professor of Art History at the School of Antiquities in Barcelona and is a co-author of publications on the history of antiquities. In 2009 he published one of the only monographs on the history of watercolor in Spain.

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