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Do you know Bruno Pontiroli and his logic of the world upside down?

Imagine a world based on a different logic, where everything is upside down, immersed in a dream in which airplanes crash into clouds and snowmen model a human body using flakes of skin; in short, a universe comprised of the absurd and paradoxes.

Bruno Pontiroli is a contemporary French artist who defines himself as a dreamer living in a cloud. He is the creator of a smart painting and he builds his own universe with a very different perspective and logic of what we are used to see. Surrealism, irony, absurdity, paradoxes, stories with no apparent sense and humour are some of the qualities we can find in his works. Thanks to this, today we can enjoy some really witty and curious paintings.

A different look

Bruno Pontiroli was raised in the south of France. After studying 3D Design and working for several years in this field, he decided to focus fully on painting. He states that what he likes most is to always be in search of an idea, a palette, a composition… “Standing in front of a blank canvas and finding myself thinking about what to paint is for me one of the most terrifying yet exciting moments”, he says.

Nevertheless, he always seeks to change that narrow vision of the world that we usually have, turning it upside down, where physical laws are distorted, and nothing is as it should be, confusing our imagination and hitting the accepted reality with images that can be incomprehensible to us, as well as familiar.

Before starting his work, Bruno writes down all the ideas that came to his mind during the previous days, either good or bad, and then he proceeds to sketch them, usually in pencil, Chinese ink or watercolour. The best one of them is often the central subject of his paintings, although he also uses some of the others to complete the image.

His routine involves getting up very early to go to his studio. Once there, and with a good cup of freshly brewed coffee in hand, he sits at the table to start a new job, or critically observes his work from the previous day and what is going well and what is not. Afterwards, he prepares his brushes and his palette and paints until the last sunlight slips through the window.

Influenced by some of the great masters of painting —like Dalí, Picasso or Goya— Pontiroli acknowledges that the most difficult part of his job is to answer the recurring question of those who look at his works: What are you trying to say or transmit in this painting?

“I don’t really like the idea of offering or showing an interpretation of my work, because that way people tend to keep in mind what I’m telling them, which I think is self-defeating. And what I’m really looking for is the opposite effect, i.e. that everyone has his/her own opinion and shares it.”

Bruno usually stimulates his imagination and his art by surfing the Internet, browsing magazines or reading books, because he also admits that he realized that art is not enough if you don’t know how to express and communicate it.

In addition, he says that clouds are a key element to create his universe. “I imagine they are made of meat, besides water. This is how I make them more vulnerable, and why not, more understandable. I feel like a kind of envy of them, of their expressive and idle freedom, the way in which they are impalpable, in disagreement with things most tied to the Earth, which are much more solid.”

You may never heard of this French artist before reading this post on our Painting blog, and you probably never had the opportunity to see some of his works, which, as you might well have seen, really disturb the imagination of those who look at them, because people seldom remain impassive, they either love or detest them, since they create debates, which is what the artist is looking for.

If you want to learn more about him and his works, we invite you to take a look at his website and let yourself be imbued by his world.