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Eating with art: WMF cutlery gives in to style and design

In the past, when it came to dressing a table for an event, there was nothing better than bringing out from cupboards that impressive, heavy and classic silver or stainless steel cutlery, probably a wedding gift.
Today, that concept has completely changed. In recent years, the best designers in the world have been working to create beautiful and modern spoons, forks and knives, with increasingly careful yet bold and innovative designs.
On our design blog, we want to show you three very special cutlery sets, which can turn your dinners into an artistic and culinary event. They were specially designed by some of the best creators of the 21st Century for the prestigious German brand WMF.

Pirouette by Ron Arad

Ron Arad, born in Tel Aviv in 1951, is one of the best and most famous industrial designers and architects nowadays. Among his most remarkable works is Tom VAC’s stackable chair for Vitra and the worm bookshelf for Kartell.

The design of the Pirouette cutlery for WMF is also the result of his creativity and ingenuity. We could say that Pirouette are dancing cutlery pieces, since knives, forks, spoons and all the items seem to float on the table while keeping the balance on the surface.

If you touch them, they will swing. It is certainly an invitation to play, and a way to forget about strict manners. It is also a way of gradually make all these small conventions disappear and give rise to a new relationship with food, much more cheerful and festive.

Cutlery by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, for she was an absolute master of contemporary art.

Although she was always focused on construction, she also dared to create bold furniture designs with which she combined her architectural line, and it was under this influence that she even opted for good gastronomy by creating an elegant cutlery for the brand WMF.

Its design, according to experts, could be considered a reinterpretation of those elements that, even though they are of daily use, are based on a surrealist inspiration, calling special attention to its dynamic shape and its avant-garde aspect, which combines easy handling and excellent ergonomics with an innovative and elegant style.

After her death, Zaha Hadid has become one of the most coveted artists thanks to her ability to turn a piece of furniture into a piece of design, and to those who are already betting on her, because in a few years her works will be revalued. Haven’t you thought of starting with cutlery? It’s not that expensive, and it’s functional, at least.

Michalsky Cutlery

Michael Michalsky is one of the greatest German fashion designers and he is the author of this other cutlery that bears his name and which is inspired by the first and classic WMF cutlery.

In this case, the retro look of the concept is visible in its harmonious proportions, since the design of the entire cutlery, the noticeable distance between the handle and the lower part, as well as the narrowing towards the blade, are details that have been carefully conceived and elaborated, even if it doesn’t seem so. The result is a cutlery that, although it is large, as in the past, has a refined and elegant appearance.

Currently, and depending on where you buy it, either shops or design auctions, the prices of Michalsky’s cutlery (set of 24 pieces) range from € 250 to € 300.