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Most Requested Models of Designer Lamps in Auctions

Twentieth century ceiling lamps are perhaps the most common types, because there are a great variety, strictly related to their repeated use for decades.

Many artisans have been involved in designing them, such as Kazuo Matozama, Joseph Antoni Coderch, Hans Agne Jakobsson, Motoko Ishii or Paul de Haan. These last two propelled the well-known lamp “Sputnik”, which is a much demanded model nowadays. Another one of the designer lamp models most requested in Madrid auction houses, such as Balclis, is the lamp “Saturn”, by Kazuo Matozawa, since it has a timeless and minimalist style at the same time, which attracts so many types of the public.

Table lamps

Surely the table lamps are the ones that have most lived through the “revival” wave in which we are submerged today. Therefore, in the market there are plenty of copies, and at the same time it is relatively easy to find originals.


Undoubtedly, one of the most coveted is the lamp “Jieldé 1200” standard of Jean Louis Domencq. This was created in 1951, with the purpose of solving the lighting problems in the factory where the designer worked, and today it is considered one of the icons of desktop models.

Wall Lighting Fixtures

Wall fixtures are another source of light very common in homes, as well as practical. It is very usual that these are in harmony with the ceiling lamps, in order to achieve an aesthetic symbiosis. Many designers have dared with them, as is the case of Julius Theodor Kalmar, Renzo Piano, Max Ingrand or Luciano Vistosi, among many others.

Many of the aforementioned designs that broke patterns in the decades of the fifties, sixties and seventies, continue to do so today. In a way, they were all so innovative that it is very complex to surpass those designs that involved great creative bets. For this reason, original pieces are very valued and quoted today in all auction houses of designer lamps.